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Adult stem cells-based organoids from normal and tumoral tissue

Organoid culture can be established from various source of tissue (from normal and cancer dissociated cells to tissue fragments) in an extracellular matrix and specialized media containing growth factors and inhibitors that will mimic the physiological environment.

The use of this three-dimensional culture system allows us to model developmental processes in normal and disease states. Besides, the success to grow mouse and human tissues from stem cells has the potential to recapitulate early stage of cancer formation and to create new cellular models of tumor directly from patient biopsies which represent the cellular and genetic heterogeneity of cancer better than any immortalized cell lines. Moreover, organoids allow to functionally test the pathways by which given cells participate in tissue maintenance and remodelling, to dissect the mechanisms underlying tumorigenesis and to test drug response in different cancers paving the way to personalized medicine.

The 3D-Hub-O platform is localized in Marseille at the CRCM/Paoli-Calmettes Institute and is directed by Dr. Geraldine Guasch. The platform will generate 3D biological structures to study both the developmental programs of normal tissue and cancers and to perform drugs screening for novel anti-cancer therapies. The 3D-Hub platform is set up for academic and clinical laboratories.

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