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The « Cancer stem cell » Network (SUNRiSE, Solid Tumor Cancer Stem Cell Network) aims at promoting basic and translational research in the field of cancer stem cells in solid tumors.

The cancer stem cell (CSC) involvement in metastasis development, in drug resistance and in clinical prognostic makes them promising targets for future alternative therapeutic strategies. This learned society has been created in 2018 by researchers and clinicians, pioneers in this field and involves today more than 170 scientists (clinicians, researchers and students) in France and Europe. Objectives of this network are to promote knowledge and interactions between researchers and clinicians in order to develop research projects on cancer stem cell biology, dissemination, plasticity and drug resistance. Understanding properties and biological mechanisms regulating CSC survival could impact on patient care and management, and thereby on clinical prognostic. Targeting cancer stem cells paves a promising way to develop innovating therapeutic strategies in the war against cancer.

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