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About KOM

Sciencify,Get heard!

Over the years, communication has become a key element of research and medical innovation.

KOM Agency is a full services communication agency dedicated to healthcare and life sciences pioneers.

Brainpowered by experts in communication, KOM Agency provides the best strategic and operational consulting services to academic and non-academic project leaders from research organizations, medical institutes, growing biotech & medtech. Over the past 6 years, as a partner or workpackage leader, KOM Agency has developed unique expertise in the design and implementation of communication plans for international projects under the Horizon Europe funding program.

Make KOM the communication partner of your project.

KOM is an essential lever to coordinate actions within European projects and to implement the best communication strategies to reach the right target audiences.

We believe in creativity and perfect knowledge of the scientific and medical environment to design an efficient communication strategy.
Years of experience

KOM Agency has established strong links with public and private organizations - technology platforms, start-ups, biotechs, research and training consortia, research institutes and centers, endowment funds - operating in a wide range of fields - hematology, oncology, immunology, neurology - and technologies - genetics and epigenetics, omics, new study models, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

Key Features

Successful services since the launch of KOM Agency in 2015
Specialties and expertise available
projects underway, we would love to start working on yours!
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