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We design tailor-made solutions to help our client achieve their communication objectives on the web. Our services cover all stages of web hosting, integration, development and maintenance. Specialized in WordPress CMS, we provide commercial themes and plugins that we optimize according to their final needs.

Efficiency and security of data processing:

- Unlimited Monthly Transfer
- Domain Name 1 Offered
- cPanel Interface
- Unlimited Subdomains
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Unlimited Multi-Domain Hosting
- 100% isolated sub-accounts
- Unlimited Domain Aliases
- SSL management (https) with http/2
- Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
- Anti-DDoS Protection Arbor® 
- 24/7 Monitored Servers
- Free 24/7 Hosting Support
- Servers located  in France, without outsourcing
- The creation of a backup clone on a secure server (WordPress and plugins)

The WordPress CMS gives you access to an infinite number of different themes that we can adapt to your needs and the identity of your project. 

All websites produced by KOM Agency on WordPress CMS are GDPR* compliant and developed to be optimized for SEO in major search engines. *GDPR compliance requires companies to clearly define their data privacy policies and make them easily accessible positioning.

Case study

The SUNRiSE network is a non-profit organization that needed a website to promote training and teaching programs, to strengthen the links with the scientific community and to raise awareness on Stem Cells and Cancer among the general public.

In consultation with the team, we designed and developed a custom digital solution to optimize the sharing of news and events with an expert audience while providing strategic content to the general public. Research makes significant progress when it is shared by all.

The SUNRiSE Network

The « Cancer stem cell » Network (SUNRiSE, Solid Tumor Cancer Stem Cell Network) aims at promoting basic and translational research in the field of cancer stem cells in solid tumors. The cancer stem cell (CSC) involvement in metastasis development, in drug resistance and in clinical prognostic makes them promising targets for future alternative therapeutic strategies. This learned society has been created in 2018 by researchers and clinicians, pioneers in this field and involves today more than 170 scientists (clinicians, researchers and students) in France and Europe.

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