About KOM Agency

KOM Agency is a full services communication agency dedicated to Healthcare and Life Sciences pioneers.

For more than 4 years, we have been supporting funding plans of high societal impact projects, as well as strategic campaigns to explore new partnerships for researchers, clinicians and biotech companies. With a strong scientific background, KOM Agency intends to actively participate in the development of its customers by proposing bespoke actions and communication tools to increase their visibility on the ground of discoveries and innovation.

KOM supports researchers and research consortia.

Publish or perish – The search for funding is an uphill battle for researchers.

The world of academic research has entered a technological era of unprecedented complexity which has enabled the implementation of powerful tools (supercomputers giving pride of place to bioinformaticians, single cell sequencing, CRISPR / CAS9 …) and led to major medical applications (reprogramming of pluripotent stem cells, cancer and inflammatory disease treatments based on immunotherapy antibodies and cell therapies,  haploidentical stem cell transplants etc…). However, these scientific advances are extremely costly, and the large budgetary revisions made in this area by international governments have created an incredibly competitive environment for researchers: a real headache for young investigators forced to redouble their efforts to gain recognition from their peers.

Read this interesting article published by @lemondefr (in French). Illustration Sylivie SERPRIX

Funding organizations expect a clear return on investment

Guidelines from the  JCJC funding program of the French National Research Agency (ANR)


To give  young researchers the possibility of carrying out a first research project in total autonomy by creating their own and recognized theme.

Guidelines from the Funding program of the European Research Council (ERC)


Let the European citizens know how the EU spends public money: investing in scientific projects with potential impact on their lives and on society

Our services cover three major areas of communication to strengthen your message amongst the scientific community

Get Online

Website design and maintenance

Sharing online strategic information about your lab (publications, conferences, prizes and awards …) with potential reviewers, worldwide collaborators, funding organizations and students is a crucial step in the smooth running of your career.

Get Networked

Our strategies are the best time-saving features when it comes to community management!

The importance of social media in Life Science is no longer to be proved, even if this revolutionary tool can be extremely time-consuming in the life of a laboratory when optimized. At KOM our team is “born digital”… we develop and iterate content for any channel (Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube) to broaden your influence and allow you to stay connected to your field of research. Our scientific background is a real plus to help you set up customized news feeds and strategic bibliography watch, identify the influencers that matter, plan out your messaging cadence in order to establish, grow, and engage your audience.

Get Newsed

Science journals are overwhelmed by solicitations, and their decision whether or not to cover a new discovery often depends on the level of understanding of the addressed issues. Based on targeted interviews, we write “general public” articles about your work to be promoted through local, national and international press releases. When published on your website, these scientific contents increase the visibility of your work amongst your peers, funding organizations and will attract new candidates for your lab.