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Cancer Research Center of Marseille

The Cancer Research Center of Marseille (CRCM) is affiliated with Inserm (UMR1068), CNRS (UMR7258),  Aix-Marseille University (UM105) and Institut Paoli-Calmettes (IPC). It comprises nearly 450 people in 21 teams and 18 technological platforms coordinated in the form of a Core Tech.


Consulting, branding, digital, print

2018 - today


Booklet CRCM 50 years
Brochures (SIRIC, Research Labs & technology plateforms)
Training program

Web page dedicated to the 50 years of the CRCM

Production of a video presentation (english/french)

50 years of medical research and innovation.

A pioneer in the fight against cancer, the Cancer Research Center of Marseille has been working for over 50 years to gain a better understanding of the major biological mechanisms behind the disease and to translate them into medical innovations.

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