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Lights, camera, action! We design and produce your video at a high creative standard, delivered on time and within budget. Mobility is the key, we adapt our film studios to your congress, training session and other important events everywhere in Europe.

We combine our expertise to capture the DNA of your business in a video presentation that will become a strategic tool in your next evaluation or funding application. 

Our high-tech filming, drone shooting, post production and motion design equipment gives you access to an unlimited number of solutions to deliver your key messages.

Case study

A pioneer in the fight against cancer, the Marseille Cancer Research Centre has been working for over 50 years to gain a better understanding of the disease major biological mechanisms and to translate them into medical innovations.

By meeting with research teams and technology platform operators, we designed and produced a video to celebrate 50 years of cancer research at CRCM . 

Marseille Cancer Research Center

The CRCM brings together more than 450 people, researchers (Inserm and CNRS), ITA, teacher-researchers, hospital practitioners and technical hospital staff, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows with a strong ambition for excellence in cancer research, from the fundamentals to applications for the patient

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