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Doctoral Network

ENHPATHY is a multidisciplinary science consortium created in the frame of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions (MSCA)-Doctoral Networks call and regrouping 15 academic and 9 non-academic European organizations in the continuum of basic, translational and clinical research on enhancers and associated diseases.


Consulting, branding, digital, print, training

2018 - today


Graphic chart & logotype

Networking meeting in Marseille with all consortium  beneficiaries. Overall partnership offer and proposal for a communication and dissemination plan. Website - version beta (networking step). Twitter account setting up.

Proposal of STED (Structure, Train, Engage, Disseminate), the four pillars of an exhaustive communication plan for Enhpathy. This plan includes the implementation of an evolving website,  Enhancer In Art (EAI) a science’art program offering one artist the unique opportunity to become an actor of an european scientific program, by creating an original artwork in collaboration with one of our PhD fellows.

4 versions to fit the different stages of the consortium (networking v.0, Launch v.1.0, recruitment v.2.0, final v.3.0)

Science & Society (Events 2,4)
Poster design and presentation (Event 4)
Enhancer In Art (Events 1,2,3,4,5,6)
Pitch your PhD in 180sec (Event 6)

Production of a video presentation of the consortium in Prague during Event 4

Training the next generation of researchers.

In genetics, enhancers are short regions of DNA that can be bound by proteins to increase the likelihood that transcription of a particular gene will occur. If mutations within coding genes have traditionally been considered the major genetic cause of human disease, it is becoming increasingly clear that the genetic, structural and/or epigenetic disruption of enhancers and enhancer landscapes represent major etiological factors in numerous human diseases (i.e. enhanceropathies), ranging from rare congenital disorders to common diseases associated with ageing (e.g. cancer, diabetes).

Project highlights (2019-2023)

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