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Technology Plateform

NabGen Technology offers to project leaders from public and private companies integrated solutions for production and purification of recombinants proteins, biophysical and structural characterizations and generation and production of nanobodies


Consulting, branding, digital, print

2020- today


Company's name, graphic chart & logotype design

Creation, integration and development
Hosting and maintenance

Product packaging

Team members individual and group pictures, equipments

Nanobody and molecular

We assisted the NabGen technology team in setting up a real communication strategy to increase the visibility of their technology platform in the scientific community. The first milestone was to define together a brand name that would best reflect their expertise and know-how in the field of Nanobodies and extracellular vesicles. Thanks to our knowledge of the field, we have developed a unique graphic universe around the activities of NabGen Technology to enable the team to consolidate its portfolio of users and find new prospects.

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