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Doctoral Network

PIPgen is an Innovative Training Network funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme that envisions to empower PI3K/PTEN research in Europe to the next level of research and especially towards clinical translation.


Consulting, branding, digital, training

2021- today


Graphic chart & logotype design

2 versions to fit the different stages of the consortium (launch & recruitment v.1.0, final v.2.0)

Science & Society (2 online trainings)
Pitch your PhD in 180 sec including an on-site science slam session (Event 3,4)
PIPgen In Art (Event 4 )

Training the next generation of researchers.

The PIPgen network aims to train 15 ESRs in a wide range of scientific and complementary competences and prepare them for leading roles in the European industry and academia. The PIPgen network aims to train a unique cohort of creative and entrepreneurial ESRs in a wide range of scientific and complementary competences towards changing the European biomedical landscape in PI3K/PTEN-related diseases. PIPgen is a multidisciplinary and cross-sectorial consortium that brings together 11 leading European basic and clinical scientists and complementary industrial expertise in the PI3K/PTEN field.

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